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The ViralML School - Learn "Applied" Machine Learning, Branding, Finance, and Prototyping.

Here are 4, hands-on and practical educational tracks that you will NOT find through traditional educational channels. These will give you an enormous edge over the competition!

Super Bundle Pack:
Get all 4 tracks, eBooks, Jupyter extracts, online videos for only $99


All courses teach practical skills to give you an edge, a serious edge over your competition - not because they contain secret formulas, but simply because few teach this material. I'm guessing it is because most teachers aren’t practicing data scientists so they focus on the modeling, not the end user. Trust me, I have been building customer solutions in healthcare, on Wall Street, at Microsoft for over 20 years, in the end, its the customer that matters. So I will teach you how to build with customers in mind, and how to extend your projects to the web to get all that great stuff into their hands.

These are video classes and most have downloadable material that you can use and easily apply towards your own projects.

All courses come with office hours - a time where all students and myself can come together and talk about the curriculum - attendance isn’t mandatory, just there if people want to talk about something. Some courses come with free eBooks sent out on the 5th week of the class.

All classes are hands-on and practical - we don't focus on theory here! All courses include office hours - usually 1 hour on Sunday's for all paid students to drop by and group chat (I send out the link every week). Office hours are for curriculum questions or high-level ideas only, it is not designed for discussing outside projects (contact me directly if you need to hire me for projects or consulting).

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For general questions or consulting ($250/hr rate or agreed upon scoped project).


Hi! My name is Manuel Amunategui. I am a data scientist with over 20-years experience in the tech industry, MAs in Predictive Analytics and International Administration, co-author of Monetizing Machine Learning and VP of Data Science at SpringML.

I like speaking waaaay too much.

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