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Analyze Your Next Title - Compare Your's Against the Best of the Best!

Analyze your title!

Measure your title against best selling titles on and most clapped titles on This tool takes into consideration word choices, title length, and opening words and word combination. It will return a score between 0 and 100 percent.

Enter your title here and click the "Rate Your Title" button (Click on the links below to get specific details on each measurement):

If we analyze enough top Amazon sales ranked books, we notice the following pattern, they start with distant words and end with distant words but are tied together by closer ones. Putting it another way, a good title starts and ends with the least synonymous words while the middle is more synonymous.

Here is an example from a top-selling children's book titled "Happy Hippo, Angry Duck: A Book of Moods by Sandra Boynton":

A smiling and happy top Amazon title example

The skew is calculated by taking the word embedded vector and cosine distances of each word and plotting them. Consider the "Happy Hippo, Angry Duck: A Book of Moods" title, we see that the distance between “Hippo” and “Angry” is very large, so is the distance between “of” and “Moods”, and they sit at the extremities of the title.

To quantify the skew, we simply compare an ideal smile with the actual by using a Pearson's correlation function and the cosine distances from the inputed title.

This is easy, after taking a sample of 10,000 top titles on Medium, we find that the sweet spot is around 5 to 10 words.

Title Length Sweat Spot

Matching popular starting words and word combos from most clapped stories on (taken from a sample of over 1 million titles):

how to
what is
how i
why i
why you
this is
are you
what i
the best
why we
how do
do you
the future
building a
i am
the power
how we
if you
what are
5 ways
how the
meet the
the most
why do
why the
the art
5 things
want to
what to
how to make
how to get
how to create
how to build
why you should
the power of
how to use
how to be
the future of
what i learned
the art of
the importance of
what is the
5 ways to
how do you
getting started with
how to write
an open letter
how to become
how to find
how to buy
what to do
what is a
how to start
a letter to
3 ways to
this is how
an introduction to
this week in
how to build a
an open letter to
how to create a
what i learned from
how to be a
how to become a
a photo a day
what to do when
how to make a
how to deal with
a beginners guide to
everything you need to
website of the day
why you need to
how to make your
how to write a
so you want to
what you need to
a letter to my
if you want to
how to start a
a brief history of
how to participate in
the ultimate guide to
how to get your
the best way to
what does it mean
for the love of
how to create an

A big thanks to harrisonj for collecting this data and making it available on Kaggle.

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