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8 Good Reasons for Starting an Email List and Sending out Newsletters Regularly

8 Good Reasons for Starting an Email List and Sending out Newsletters Regularly

Source: Lucas Amunategui

This post isn’t directed towards office cogs hiding behind big corporations, or those selling crappy garbage through clickbait. This is for those that care that their reputation is online and on-the-line, those developing an honest personal brand, those looking to build a community of friends with intersecting interests.

It is through creativity, curiosity, hard work, and patience that we attract loyal readers. Building an email list should be a central part of that effort.

Here It Is

Building an email list offers many advantages, even if you’re new to this and don’t quite see it yet. The right way of building one is to do it organically and that takes time, so start today!

1 & 2. It Builds Confidence and Brand

As your community grows, so will your confidence and brand. A healthy and growing email list will confirm all of the above.

3. Make Friends Within Your Niche

This has to be the fastest way of networking with like-minded folks from around the planet. You will be able to bounce ideas, test products and even sell something if you so choose.

4. Ask Your Readers for Something

This is a good habit. It makes you more visible, more real. It also works as a gauge to measure how much readers like your content and whether they’re willing to give something up for it. The moment he or she entrusts you with their precious email address, you know you’ve made a friend.

5. Brings in New Ideas

It keeps you in the game, constantly thinking, taking notes, collecting web pages about interesting topics. The more you write, the more people will subscribe to your list, and, in turn, the more you will write.

6. Shows That You Care

It gets you in the habit of keeping your posts focused, forcing you to write a summary of what you have accomplished and where you are going next.

7. Puts You on a Release Schedule

Once you get your rhythm going, your fan base will grow and expect things from you. When that happens, you’ve finally created your community and you more than likely will have a release schedule to make sure you don’t disappoint your fans.

8. You’ll Never Feel Bad Again

Keep producing great content, keep asking for email addresses, and keep sending out newsletters. If your recipient doesn’t like your stuff anymore, they’ll opt-out, end of the story for them, but nothing changes for you; the show must go on.