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The ViralML School Entrepreneur Track - Prototype, Launch, and Grow Online!

Are you ready to take the jump? Yes, no, maybe? Let me tell you a little secret, you don't have to worry about it. I will show you easy ways to get your product, your online presence, and your community started for very little money. This is the best of all worlds, try one idea, two or more. Keep an eye on what works, what doesn't, improve this and improve that, and pull the plug on what falls flat. It's fun, easy, and, with persistence is bound to yield a success story.

In the "Entrepreneur Track" at the ViralML School, you will learn techniques that very few teach. It flies under the radar of most schools and its 100% practical.

Get the Full Entrepreneur Track Bundle:
34 Lectures, 6 Hours of Videos, 2 eBooks (sent on the 5th week), 1 Hour/Week Office Hours for the introductory price of $39

MVP Light Stack Method

The MVP Light Stack Method - The Minimum Viable Product Light-Stack Approach (with free eBook)

Let me show you the fast and easy ways to share your ideas, services, and data science projects with the world. You'll quickly get the hang of it and be able to launch smart, interactive sites effortlessly - not in months or weekss, but in days or even hours! Don't let the competition beat you to the punch - get your smart web application out today! Join me and let's rock the Internet!

  • Defining Your Online Goals
  • Landing Pages - HTML5UP & w3schools
  • Customizing HTML Templates
  • A Basic Primer on Flask
  • Extending Templates to the Cloud
  • Adding Contact Forms
  • Easy Purchases with Stripe
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics
  • Indexing & Search Engine Console
  • Tracking Website Traffic - Build a Pixel Tracker From Scratch
  • Google Analytics
  • Dynamic Images with Matplotlib, Chart.js
  • Quick Google Maps
  • Building Communities with the Disqus Message Board
  • Case Study: the Iris Factory Web Application
  • Case Study: The Worldwide Weather Forecast Station in Icons

The MVP Light Stack Method is both a book and a series of online video classes. You will be able to experiment wiht these concepts immediately. Please note, the ebook is sent out on the 5th week.

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