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You Too Can Be An Internet Mogul! Or You Can Keep Compiling Status Reports
Once you get a taste, once you get an understanding of how easy it is to share data science to the world, you'll be hooked.

You Too Can Be An Internet Mogul! Or You Can Keep Compiling Status Reports

Once you get a taste, once you get an understanding of how easy it is to share data science to the world, you'll be hooked.

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It blows me away how the cost of tools for weekend entrepreneurs has fallen to earth. We are not witnessing the democratization anymore, it’s democratized!

Machine Learning Web Applications

I’m talking about a particular type of entrepreneurship, the machine-learning-driven, web-application type.

This is where you take your machine learning script, a model that transforms data into actionable intelligence and augment it by deploying it onto the Internet. In turn, anybody, far and near, young and old can intuitively tweak its parameters without knowing statistics, Python or machine learning and get potentially life-altering, dynamic results, custom-tailored to their needs.

We didn’t see much of this in the past except for a few proprietary and clumsy tools that scaled poorly or cost the end-user lots of money (think Tableau or SAP Web Intelligence).

This isn’t the case anymore. Along with great open source programming languages like R and Python, we now can easily extend scripts to the web and to the entire planet. We are entering the era where the machine-learning, weekend entrepreneurs can imagine, test, and share prototypes quickly, simply and, if crafty, for free.

This is obliterating the barriers to entry for both entrepreneurs and web users. We all win.

Or Would You Rather Keep Compiling End-Of-Months Reports?

It’s time for you to put those valuable skills to better use than for obtuse corporate reports that nobody will read. Like sales folks saying when a product is that good, you owe it to your customer to market it, we data science people have a skill that is that good. Sharing our work is not only good for our careers and businesses, but we owe it to others. It’s a damn shame that so few people know how to do it.

Build a tool to help farmers better optimize their operations around weather patterns or help regular people manage their finances. Those ideas are already in your head, funnel them into a model and build a Flask pipeline to share them with the world!

If You Need Help Getting Started

We can now test out hundreds of ideas and see if one sticks, risk-free. I put together a free eBook, “How to Create and Sell your Machine Learning Product Online and for Free” for those wanting to try it out for themselves. In it, we build a stock market predicting tool, extend it into a web application and finally deploy it onto the cloud. All this for free. We’ll even experiment with some monetization options such as adding a simple PayPal donation button.

If you want to receive it, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send you the link to the PDF, along with the free videos for those that are more visual (like me) and the Jupyter notebook extracts:

But Don’t Dilly-Dally

For the urgency part, the window of opportunity may seem wide open now but it won’t be that way forever. The large behemoths are still battling it out to grab as much of the big data of the world, once that dust settles, they’ll go after the little people, the weekend entrepreneurs, us. So don’t dilly-dally.

Are you ready to give birth to your digital product? Are you sure? This is an important step, few come back from this. Once you get a taste, once you get an understanding of how easy it is to get something out there you will be hooked. You will question others around you who have either failed or have needed an armada of employees to get things going. Sign up for the eBook and start building.