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The ViralML School - The Applied Machine Learning Track

"Learn how to easily put your machine learning ideas into your customer’s hands"


"Excellent course, it's not just about ML alone, but building complete real world application using ML."
(Testimonial from Asheesh)
"This is an outstanding course! The instructor is very good at explaining and breaking things down. He is awesome at architecting solution and this is a unique skill of his... I enjoyed the earthquakes examples very much especially the ETL and feature engineering pipeline. ML is not a focus of the course it is there for demonstration purposes only."
(Testimonial from Ammar)
"It's hard for me to choose tools from so many resources. This is a great course for those who already know Python basics but have no idea how to use Python in practice."
(Testimonial from Sandy)

Get the Full Applied Machine Learning Track Bundle:
57 Lectures, 9 Hours of Videos, 1 Hour/Week Office Hours for only $69

This series is all about applied data science using Python and the Web - there are few places that teach this and once you have those skills, you will have a huge advantage, a real edge over your peers whether at job interviews, promotions at your current job, and even in the quality of what you build.

Create Machine Learning Applications for Free

Course 1 - Getting Started: Free (Ebook, 90 minutes of videos, Jupyter extracts)

Create a free web application from scratch! The first step in building fast and intelligent MVP's. Let the World Enjoy Your Work! Let's look at stock market data with my favorite model, XGBoost. We will build a local Flask stock-market prediction display then port it to the Internet with PythonAnywhere (this is a toy project not meant for real trading in any shape or form). Join me, this is fun stuff!

  • Model historical stock market data with XGBoost
  • Get live stock market from the IEX API and predict future prices
  • Build an intuitive Flask/Web UI
  • Monetize it using PayPal Donations
  • Push it to the cloud with PythonAnywhere

Take Course 1 for free on Teachable!
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Everyone teaches you about cleaning data, modeling, swapping layers in a neural networks, but none teach the full pipeline, the real pipeline, the full stack, however you want to call it. This class will take you through many hands-on projects, starting with an idea and ending with a product, usually a web application ensuring the entire world can access and learn from your knowledge and discoveries.

Always remember that hyperparamter tuning, though an important part of ml, it is just a small piece of the pipeline - data science is about improving real lives. So we always think about our endusers, and deliver something that they can understand and interact with - and the web interface is the best and most connected, anyone around the world can use a drop down box, a scroll bar, and hit a submit button, no matter the language they speak or in which corner of the world they live.

So, why not use it and make you ML universal? And the best part, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

Get the Full Applied Machine Learning Track Bundle:
57 Lectures, 9 Hours of Videos, 1 Hour/Week Office Hours for only $69

After this track, you will be to look at any employer in the eye, and say that you can work from idea, all the way to your your customers hands - Data science isn’t about statistics and modeling, it is about fulfilling human needs and solving real problems.

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