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The ViralML School - The Applied Fundamental Market Analysis with Python Track

"Markets are never wrong, opinions often are." ―Jesse Livermore


"...Some of the examples presented are just insanely creative, and they make sense, too. One such example is the chapter about teenage spending, Manuel created a custom (leading) indicator out of it & explained very nicely how that could be used. So next time you see teens buying lots of Starbucks, you probably know what to do next!"
(Testimonial from Ooi)

"I love this course very much. As a trader, this course has shown me how to code fundamental and technical indicators to incorporate in my trading using Python. I used the knowledge here to help with some aspects of an Econometrics Post graduate course too."
(Testimonial from Ricky)

Get the Full Applied Fundamental Market Analysis Track Bundle:
32 Lectures, 6 Hours of Videos, Free eBook, 1 Hour/Week Office Hours for only $69

In this hands-on course, we cover critical fundamental indicators to help you navigate the financial markets and answer your own questions without relying on the opinion of others. Learn to find your way around the chaotic world of the financial markets using freely available data, Python and Jupyter Notebooks. Please note, the ebook is sent out on the 5th week.

Fundamental Market Analysis with Python

Market Analysis with Python - Free Introduction

Learn to find your own answers to fundamental and technical financial market questions today! Get my free Teachable online class today!

Take Course 1 for free on Teachable!
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The Little Book of Fundamental Indicators

The Little Book of Fundamental Indicators: Hands-On Market Analysis with Python

Find Your Market Bearings with Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and Freely Available Data

The book is also available directly on

EBook sent out on the 5th week of registration.


32 Lectures, 6 Hours of Videos, Free eBook, 1 Hour/Week Office Hours - $69 Bundle

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Hi! My name is Manuel Amunategui. I am a data scientist with over 20-years experience in the tech industry, MAs in Predictive Analytics and International Administration, co-author of Monetizing Machine Learning and VP of Data Science at SpringML.

I like speaking waaaay too much.

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