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We All Have the Right to Think at Work. If You Don't, Then Your Job Is at Risk of Being Redundant.


We all have the right and a need to think at work, and in the long run, that may be all thats left


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We all have the right and a need to think at work, and in the long run, that may be all thats left. If you dont get to think, then your job is at high risk of being made redundant. Coursera has been a phenomenal source of free classes - audit classes, any NYTimes released their data classes NY times data analyst course Transcript Hello Friends You all have the right to think at work! And this may sound presumptuous, but if you find yourself in a job where you arent given the time and space to think then, whenever you have a few seconds of lucidity, whether it is at night during a bout of insomnia or during a bathroom break, whatever little time you have to yourself, start planning your escape to another job or even another profession - there still is time. Three reasons why that is critical to do. But first, welcome to the ViralML show, my name is Manuel Amunategui and this talk will be filed under career. First, thinking is important. It means your job has a creative element, that it requires vision, your vision, your opinion, your invention, it is fulfilling and its your brand and few can take that way from you. Not a younger graduate, somebody from another country with cheaper labor. Its your work and if you document it like pushing it out in the public domain on a regular basis, it will follow you forever. Second, and more insidious and urgent, all jobs that dont require thinking have a limited shelf life. , you will be made redundant and replaced. Automation is here. And its still working on the low hanging fruits, like visual inspections, repetitive manufacturing, and its making its way up towards driving, maintenance, both white and blue color jobs such as technicians, support, healthcare, finance, etc. If you feel like you are acting like a robot at your job, look around, there may be a camera filming your actions and feeding it into a convolutional neural network with some reinforcement learning to mimic what you are doing. It will learn from hundreds of people like you and eventually be able to do what you do much better and for a fraction of the cost. Am joking about the camera but not the end result. And third, Whether you believe that thats where will be in the 24 century is not that important as it isnt in our lifetime. But, in this lifetin, its a no-brainer, robots are so much cheaper than humans. They dont require bathroom breaks, lunches, birthday parties in the break room, vacations, salaries, retirement plans, heck they dont require lighting or even air to breath. Just like weve all gotten used to buying our clothes at Target and Walmart for rdicoulusoyly cheap prices, or have everything delivered to our door, knowing that those are all nails in the coffin of our current way of life, yet we still do it. We dont have elevator operators, barely any bank tellers, etc, etc. We dont commute by horse anymore, all these things are too expensive. Machines and robots will replace anything that can be replaced. Its been happening for 100s of years and it will continue and at an accelerating pace. It is up to you to do some research and figure out how quickly it will happen in your profession. And how to retrain yourself. Now, am from a tech background. and most of my work has required so much thinking that it is an area that Ill consider as safe from short to medium term automation. The good news, if you are interested in something like that, then there are so many great free resources to get you started - top- shelf resources. NYTimes just released its data analyst classes it uses to train their journalists Creative thinking needs time to percolate - it is personal, creative, interesting, and fulfilling. You can force creative tasks using a todo list. Anything that you need to let breath and evolve with time is your own and nobody will take that away from you. CATEGORY:Career