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10 Less-Traveled, Time-Saving Hacks

Here are 10 time-saving hacks to help you create/regain time by optimizing your good habits, your bad ones and the things around you.

10 Less-Traveled, Time-Saving Hacks
Source: Lucas Amunategui

Time-Saving Hack #1

The most powerful spell in the enchanted world of time hacks is the word “no”. Use the magic!

Time-Saving Hack #2

Go ahead and oversleep. That 5 AM stuff is good but not every day. I’m twice as creative and 10 times as productive when am well rested.

Time-Saving Hack #3

Can’t find a quiet place at work to think? Then work from home or even from the bathroom. If you can’t think, you won’t get stuff done.

Time-Saving Hack #4

Don’t think about the money you’ll eventually make, think of the life currency you’re losing sitting on that office chair — start crackalacking!

Time-Saving Hack #5

If you can delegate, delegate.

Time-Saving Hack #6

Make time for lunch. If you can’t hack it in the end, you’ll still have your nice lunch memories…

Time-Saving Hack #7

Nothing wrong with needy people - just learn to circumvent them when you need to get stuff done.

Time-Saving Hack #8

Separate your work from your weekend. There’s a reason they came up with the 40-hour work week half a century ago.

Time-Saving Hack #9

Sleep on it. You’ll get a better quality solution in the morning and you’ll be rested - see Time-Saving Hack #2.

Time-Saving Hack #10

And finally look people in the eye. It’s a nice way to connect and puts that hurried feeling into perspective.

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